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"Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world." 

-Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945)

Purchasing a home, what an exciting time!

Our real estate sales website is a great resource filled with helpful information and we hope you will enjoy browsing. Please call us anytime with questions, we look forward to hearing from you.

We love to deliver keys to new and satisfied homeowners! A pleasurable and successful real estate purchase transaction begins your selection of an experienced, knowlegeable, communicative agent whom you can trust and depend on and who has a strong team of professionals behind them. Whether you are dreaming of future possibilities, a repeat investor, a first time buyer or just ready to move up, we are here to help. 

Buying a home is a complex process, buyers should be able to feel positive and confident. Preparation is critical, legal standards must be adhered to and the transaction can be accompanied by various unknown circumstances. We educate and empower our clients, thereby preparing them to make wise decisions, maximize their potential and avoid unnecessary surprises. We work diligently as communicative advisors, keeping our clients educated, informed and updated, providing them with pertinent information and professional insight along the way. The  result is happy and confident clients who are able to maximize their potential by making wise decisions.

Our clients receive special care from our amazing team of mortgage lending professionals. Our lenders excel at developing home ownership plans for our clients which places them in an ideal position... qualified and ready to buy. Home buying plans can range from 3 months to 3 years and sometimes involve working with our network of credit specialists. Whatever your situation is, give us a call to discuss your options... your dreams and goals may be closer than you think!

 So, what is the Purchase Process like?

  1. Select a Realtor®. Find a full time professional Realtor® with extensive lending, title, escrow, market and overall industry knowledge who maintains good relationships with fellow agents and brokers. The relationship with your agent is critical, so be sure that you are working with someone you feel you can trust and depend on. When you choose to work with one of the Plisky Group's agents, you will receive the support, availability knowledge and experience of the entire team. 
  2. Meet with a preferred lender and create a home buying plan. A lender will help you to devise the best strategy for yout unique situation. They will guide you to come up with a 2 or 3 year plan if you are not quite in the best position now. Your Realtor® will put you in touch with a  lender who will have the knowledge and resources to ensure success and maximize your potential. It is imperative to be in a financial position where you are ready to open escrow before you find the property you want to purchase. This pre-approval is a critical step and should be done before you seriously start looking at property to purchase. Being pre-qualified for a loan determines how much house you can afford. It also allows you to move swiftly when you find the right house, especially when you aren't the only interested buyer and find yourself in a multiple offer scenario.   
  3. Identify property to buy. You will be shown homes that you are qualified to purchase based upon the criteria that you establish and based. The more precise and direct you are with your Realtors®, the more successful your search will be.
  4. Determine Seller's motivation. Once you have found the home that you wish to purchase, your Realtors® will do the necessary research to help you structure an effective offer. This entails a bit of research on our part and will make a difference in the strength and desirability of your offer. In multiple offer situations, 
  5. Write offer to purchase. Your Realtors® will draft the Purchase Agreement for you, advising you on legalities, protective contingencies and customary practices. At this time you will need to have your earnest money deposit (usually 3% of the purchase price) ready to be wired to escrow if your offer is accepted.
  6. Presentation of offer. Your Realtors® will present your offer to the Seller or the Seller's agent. The Seller has three options: they can accept your offer, counter your offer, or reject your offer. Your Realtor's® personal knowledge of your needs and qualifications will enable them to represent you in the best way possible.
  7. Seller's response. Your Realtors® will review the Seller's response with you. Their experience, negotiating skills and knowledge will benefit you in reaching a final agreement and entering into contract for purchase. 
  8. Open escrow. When the Purchase Agreement is accepted and signed by all parties, your Realtors® will open escrow for you. At this time your earnest money should be wired into escrow. The escrow company will receive, hold and disburse all funds associated with your transaction. They will work closely with title and the lender. Its ia important that you complete and return all paperwork you receive from escrow as soon as possible. 
  9. Contingency period.Contingency timeframes vary. This is the time allowed per your purchase agreement to obtain financing, obtain an appraisal, approve reports and documents related to the property, perform inspections, and satisfy any other contingencies to which your purchase is subject.
  10. Funds due and close of escrow. When all of the conditions of the purchase agreement have been met, and the funding conditions have been satisfied for the lender, the lender will prepare your loan documents and send them to escrow. Escrow will further prepare your loan documents and arrange for an appointment with you and a corporate approved notary. You will sign your loan documents and escrow closing papers. You will deposit the balance of your down payment and closing costs to escrow. It is important that you make sure that these funds are readily available for deposit into escrow at least three business days before closing. The lender will then fund your loan. The next business day after funding occurs, the deed will then be recorded at the County Recorder's office. The County recorder wil notify escrow when the deed is recorded (confirmation) and you will take ownership of your new home!