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Thank you for your interest in becoming one of our residents!
Please read the important information below before you begin the application process.

Real Estate Agents
Please explain to your client why we cannot communicate/negotiate with your client if they're represented by you. Please make sure we have a complete application package.

Applicants Represented by Real Estate Agents
We have a professional obligation to communicate only through your agent until we have a fully executed lease. Please follow the application package directions and direct inquiries to your agent, not to our office. Once we have a fully executed lease, we can communicate with you directly. 

All Applicants and Co Applicants and Guarantors
Please remove any credit protection blocks you may have in place prior to applying.
The credit agencies do charge for each credit inquiry, regardless of a credit protection block being in place. If you have a block in place when we pull credit, it will require a second credit pull and an additional $20.00. Application fees are non-refundable. 

Please help us get an answer from the property owner for you quickly!
You can ensure speedy, efficient processing by submitting a COMPLETE application package including all requested inforation. Incomplete submissions do stall the online process and will cause delays.

The application package includes: 
1. Two page C.A.R. Application form, be sure to add your SS# and both signatures on page 2.
2. Proposal to Lease form, one form jointly signed and dated by all applicants 

3. Verification of Employment form, one form for each applicant to complete, sign and date
4. Verification of Residency form, one form for each applicant to complete sign and date.


- A cover letter to the owners of the property 

ALL prospective occupants over 18
- A copy of your driver’s license or valid photo identification
- One completed/signed Verification of Residency form
- A picture of pet(s) (if applicable)

W2 employee applicants only
- Completed and signed Verification of Employment form
- Most recent paycheck stub *actual paystub showing YTD totals*
- Most recent bank statement *full bank statement, no screen shots or transaction printouts*

Self-employed applicants only
- First 2 pages of last year’s tax return
- 3 Mo’s most recent personal bank statement 
- 3 Mo's most recent business bank statement 
*full bank statements, no screen shots/transaction printouts*

Applicants including other sources of income only
- Child support or alimony *attach actual court order with judicial signature*
- Pension *attach pension letter*
- Social security or disability *attach official social security letter*
- Cash income *attach letter of explanation and any proof of income*

We will process your complete application and obtain an answer from the property owner, generally within 48-72 business hours. 

Qualification guidelines
A maximum rent to income ratio of 40% based on all applicant’s total gross income.
Payment history and debt management consistent with a likelihood of future timely rent payment.
Residential history lacking major issues such as property destruction, deceit, or eviction.
Not all applicants have strong criteria due to various reasons and life circumstances. We do incorporate compensating factors and sometimes a guarantor applicant can help. Please include an explanation letter if you are lacking in an area or have cash income.  

Upon acceptance, we will email an acceptance form to you or your agent along with a sample lease for you to review and we will ask for a cashier’s check or wire (first month's rent and security deposit) in order to secure the property.
Upon receipt of these funds, we will stop marketing the property and prepare the actual lease and disclosures. A renters insurance policy with additional interest information will be required prior to your possession of the property.