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The Plisky Group specializes in leasing residential investment properties in Ventura County and West Los Angeles County and providing superior ongoing management services. We help to maximize return for our investment property owners while minimizing risk. We establish and maintain a positive and communicative relationship with our property owner clients, taking time to discover individual wants, needs and goals. 

Sometimes, self-managing property owners find themselves in tough situations, unable to be productive with their tenants and unfamiliar with fair housing laws, tenant rights, and local, Federal and State laws. We can step in to help eliminate the potential for costly evictions or lawsuits. 

When we bundle leasing and management services, we first evaluate the property for health and safety compliance and make suggestions about ways to best preserve the property and prepare the property for maximum appeal. We ensure compliance with federal, state and local laws regarding property condition, disclosures, tenant rights and fair housing requirements. 

We stay on top of market rent, the local rental market and current trends which allows us to help our clients implement the best scenario for their unique situation. We help to find the perfect balance between maximzing rental income while avoiding lost revenue due an unecessary extensive vacancy period.

We use a variety of marketing tools including the multiple listing service, internet and online advertising, networking, and appealing our database of great current and past tenants. Our property showings are predominantly facilitated by our team members. Licensed REALTORS also have the ability to show our properties to their clients. We are one of the few residential property management companies who routinely pays commission compensation to outside brokerages which helps our clients by expanding the pool of prospective tenants.

Our smooth screening process ensures that our clients will be matched with quality tenants. After a thorough review of documents which typically includes credit and background check, banking information, employment verification, eviction searches, ownership or rental history, tax information and  additional income sources, we advise our clients based on our experience and knowledge. This information and guidance helps our clients to feel comfortable and confident when selecting a tenant and entering into a lease contract and placing a tenant into their investment property. 

We prepare the lease contract and disclosures according to current laws and based on industy experience. Our lease is a win win contract for tenants and landlords and is more thorough than many outside company leases we have come across. 

After the property leases, we stay in touch with our tenants to ensure good relations and we  respond quickly to their inquiries and  requests for repairs which enable us to help ensure the property is kept in good condition. We update our owner clients with a link to photos, property condition, tenant thoughts and status and any recommendations to further maximize return. 

We utilize a technoligically advanced system which provides tenant and owner portal which can be accessed anytime from anywhere. Our owner clients are able to see the property maintenance history, documents and financials all in one easy place. 

We provide concise monthly and annual statements and we do W9 vendors as required by the IRS which makes tax time so much easier for our clients. We handle out of State waivers and out of Country waivers with the IRS, ensuring that our clients are in compliance. 

Our long term relationships and high volume with many quality local vendors ensures a quick response and premium pricing when it comes to resolving maintenance issues. Our 24 hour emergency call system connects tenants directly with Mike and/or Kristen Plisky. When a property emergency arises, we want to be notified immediately and deal with it personally.

We excel at the leasing process and provide suprior ongoing property management services. The Plisky Group has never evicted a tenant that we screened. We pride ourselves on our ongoing property management service, our expertise and user friendly technologically advanced systems. We have a lengthy, strong, positive track record and we can make your life easier while our fees essentially pay for themselves!