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Preliminary Title Report Info

If any of the following items appear on your Preliminary Report, they will require immediate attention. A delay in closing may result without immediate attention. The following are definitions and actions needed to be taken.

  1. A claim of mechanic's lien 
    Amount: $23,300.00 
    By: John Contractor 
    Recorded: January 5, 2001 as instrument No. 01-333
  2. Notice of action field in: 
    Court: Superior 
    Case No.: A123456 
    Plaintiff: John Contractor 
    Defendant: John Consumer 
    Purpose: Foreclose/Quiet Title 
    Recorded: March 5, 2001 as Instrument No. 01-2222
  3. Subject to proceedings pending in the bankruptcy court of the central district of the U.S. District Court, California, entitled: In RE: John Consumer, debtor, case no. AP12345, wherein a petition for relief was filed on the date of January 20, 2001.
  4. The effect of deed, dated June 4, 1991, executed by June Consumer as Grantor, to John Consumer as grantee, recorded January 19, 2001 as instrument No. 01-12222.

    The requirement that this office be furnished with evidence that said deed was an absolute conveyance, for value, and that there are no other agreements, oral or written, regarding the ownership of the land described herein.

  5. The lack of a right of access to and from the land.

Mechanic's Lien: A statutory lien in favor of persons contributing labor, material, supplies, etc. to a work of improvement upon real property. A release must be recorded to be removed.

Notice of Action: A lis pendens. A proceeding in a court of justice by which one party prosecuted another for the enforcement or protection of a right.

Bankruptcy: A proceeding in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court wherein assets of a debtor (unable or unwilling to pay debts) are applied by an officer of the court in satisfaction of a creditor's claim.