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Notice of Default Time Structure

Day 1 
Record Notice of Default

Within 10 Days
Mail Notice of Default 2924 (2) (a) Publish Notice of Default 2924b (4)t

Within 1 Month
Mail Notice of Default 2924f (b)

After 3 Months
Set Sale Date 2924 & 2924f (b)

25 Days Before Sale Date
Send Notice of Sale to IRS When Necessary IRS Regulations

20 Days Before Sale Date
Publish Notice of Sale 2927f (b) Post Notice of Sale 2924f (b) Mail Notice of Sale 2924b (3) c

Within 10 Days from First Publication of Notice of Sale
Request for Directions to Property Sent to Beneficiary 2924f (b)

14 Days Before Sale Date
Record Notice of Sale 2924f (b)

7 Days Before Sale Date
Trustee Cannot Sell for 7 Days After Expiration of Court Order 2924g (d)

5 Business days Before Sale Date
Right to Reinstate 2924c (e)

1 Day Postpone
Trustor's Right to Postpone 2924g (c) (1)

Sale Date